The Ultimate Front Figure

Who is the Ultimate Front-Figure? someone that can address and be loved by everyone, someone with guts and soul, with aura… an angel, the new icon

June 2012:  The Ultimate Front Figure Symposium

As part of “The Ultimate Front Figure” research, we invited 4 guests to a symposium that lasted for 2 days. The first day contained presentations by the invited people leading into discussions in different formats (round table, walk, dinner). The second day was dealing with the theme on a fictive level; writing scores for political speeches and pop-songs as well as an “expert panel” brainstorm on “the life cycle of the ultimate front figure”. The invited guests were: Catti Brandelius (SE) performer, Johannes Burström (SE) musician, Deborah Munzer (FR) Politician and film producer, Gleb Rogozinsky (RU) Sound scientist. The symposium took place at Konstnärsnämnden – the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Stockholm

Audition tryout with TRADE (danish based collective/project)

you can watch Step 2 here and Step 3 there


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