“there is no art in general outside of a horizon of repetition”

Junk Freak and Friends Orchestra is a fictive cover-band; a so-called orchestra made of 2 non-musicians blowing into a kazoo and a trumpet. By its search for soul and for a front-figure, JF&FO offered us another entrance point to the subjects of worshipping and copy pasting in the world of pop-culture. Apart from ripping The Beatle’s Rooftop concert, we worked mainly with video re-enactments, numerology and the best-selling single of all-times “White Christmas”. 

Video works: Trailer  . Garden . Documentary . Numerology . The JF&FO Anthology . The JF&FO Pressconference


Roof-top Concert, JF&FO, 2010

Garden, JF&FO, 2011


. Fictive CV:

Junk Freak and Friends Orchestra (JF& FO) is a cover-band that uses all possible social medias to create a hype. With no compunction in stealing or ripping, the band forges their way by sweeding and covering milestones of popular music in the past century. To create original music is not the most important for Junk Freak and Friends Orchestra, they are busy switching style and image. At the same time as cashing in on radio hits and elevator music, JF&FO appear as the successors and peers of Pink Floyd, The Black Panthers, The Clash, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Afrika Bambaataa. JF& FO is an ‘all in one/one band fits all’ alternative. They are what ever you want to listen to. Their most sold song ever “White Christmas” has been so successful that the laboratory -that took over the JF&FO label 10 years ago- openly stated: “there is no art in general outside of a horizon of repetition”.


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